On my way being a good wife

hahahha.. the title is too much i think..

actually live in South Korea is cost my head and leg.. everything is so expensive here.. as a good student with a thin wallet i have to save my money.. and i have to fight with myself.. so here are the things that i do for saving my wallet.

1. eat banana

as i wrote at my blog’s header, i am not a banana lover. i hate eat banana.. it has no taste at all.

but here i have to eat banana everyday.. because banana is a healthy food for your body.. you have to eat banana every morning

yeaaah.. that’s my suggestion for myself. actually, i eat banana every day because it is cheap.

7 slice of  bananas = 1500 won

i eat 2 bananas for breakfast -> 7  bananas : 2 bananas = 3 breakfast + 1 banana

1 korean meal = 2500 – 5000 won -> 3 meals = 7500 – 15000 won

see.. i can save a lot of money.. hahahha
2. go to the market

in Indonesia, i always hate to go to the market because.. traditional market in Indonesia is so stink and dirty..

but here.. i have to! it will be costly if i buy something at supermarket.. and thanks to God korean local market is so clean.

My lovely roommate brought me to this market. Her name is Anh, she is a Vietnamese.

meet Anh.. my lovely roommate

today i went to the market with Thuong. We bought a lot of things.. and took some pictures of course. hahaha

Thuong, my regular model for this blog.

some korean snack.. arrggghh.. i want them all..

3. cook

yes, i am start to cook here. i cannot cook but i have to. here are some picture of my masterpiece.

Indonesian style fried chicken.

Chicken Soup ala chef Theresia

and the taste of the food is good. Thuong said that my chicken soup was delicious.. hahhaha..

i will post about the recipe later.

4. eat vegetable

after two days in korea, i got a flu.. grrhh.. so i have to change my habit.

i really hate vegetable. But to keep my body sexy as j-lo  and makes me rich like bakrie’s family, i have to eat vegetable because it is cheap.. yeeeaaah..

that’s all..

its end?? all of this post is about money!!

so where is the ‘being a good wife’ part? i don’t know.. i think saving money is a good wife skill. hahahha

bye all.. love you.. please send my love and my kiss to my beautiful country.. Indonesia 🙂



Today is my first day chat with my mbahkung (skype) using skype.. hehehe..  I usually chat with mother, father, and sister. but this my first time me to chat with mbahkung. This is also his first time talk with a computer. lets rock mbahkung!!

meet my mbahkung, my father and of course my mother 😀

how’s your first week? (part 2)

As my promised here i am going to continue my story.

Friday 24 August 2012 – I am officially a student (again)

at this day there is a orientation for all international student of ajou university student. I met a lot of people her, many new friends from many countries.

and i ate a lot of food.. aaahhh.. I’m crazy with korean food.

the night after orientation, i went to a welcoming party. I went to the party with Fania, Gani, and Bimo.. they are exchange student from Indonesia. hmm.. I mean they are Indonesian but not all of them from Indonesia because Bimo is from Netherlands. He’s study at Arnhem university.

We are Gani, There, Fania, and Bimo (the picture was taken from fania’s FB)

I cannot write a lot about the welcoming party, because i cannot enjoy the western style party at all.. hmm.. except the 2 large plates of friend chicken.. muehehehe. so we just back to dorm early.

Saturday 25 August 2012 – S.E.O.U.L

yeaaah.. finally went to Seoul..  mueheheh..

i went to Seoul with two friends from Indonesia, mbak Qonita (my senior at Ajou University) and Mbak Vita (A student at Kyunghee University).

We went to one of the most popular district in Seoul, Myeongdong. actually the only thing that i know about Myeongdong is “Yongseo(Yong-Hwa CN Blue and Seoh-Hyun SNSD) couple continued their date in Myeongdong”… hahahha.

from what i saw, myeongdong is a popular distric for shopping. there are a lot of good store at myeongdong. but the price cost my arm and leg so we just did a window shopping and buy nothing. hahahha.

so here are we.

meet mbak qonita and mbak Vita

me with mbak Qonita

the picture will be perfect with jung yong hwa stand beside me *keep dreaming ree!!*

we also met with mas Arfan, he is one of Indonesian student who study at Ajou University. After a long day window shopping we went to a-glodok-look distric i dont remember the name.. arrrgghh.. i have to learn korean language!

we met with mas arfan’s friend, mas ardi, he bought good meals for us.. hahahha.. and i also forget to take a picture (every good food makes me forget everything). we were back to Suwon at 11 PM by subway.. yihaaaa..

Saturday 25 August 2012 – Looking for Jesus

hahahha.. i think the sub title is too much. but that’s true.

actually I planned to back to myeongdong to join a mass in Seoul cathedral but i missed it. The bed seduced me  successfully.

so i accepted Fania’s suggestion to go with her for join a worship in other church, but i felt uncomfortable with that kind of worship. so i decided to find a catholic church.

after struggled with my alien language, i finally found a catholic church… thank you My Lord.

so i joined to the Mass at this church.. it was so warm at that time.. i felt some body hug me. May be Jesus hug me. and i just cried and cried.. i didn’t know the reason.. everything that i know i felt warm and save.. and miss my family.. remembering that we always go to the church together..hiks.

i really love being in the center of the mass.. even in korean language. yes, the mass is in korean and you must be know i CANNOT speak korean. so the only words that i know is “amen”.  but somehow i don’t feel any strange here even i am comfortable with the mass.

so i back to my dorm with a very strong good feeling.

that’s all about my first week in Korea. i hope you can enjoy my story guys.

byeee.. and thank you for reading 😀

how’s your first week? (part 1)

Hi all,

“how’s your first week?”is most asked question that i get for this week.

why? may be that’s related with my new life.. yes, I started a new life last week. That is the biggest step I ever made. I am going to tell you in a timeline

22 August 2012 – A Hard Goodbye

at a bright Tuesday afternoon  I have to said goodbye to my beloved Mom, Dad, Sister, Grandpa, Grandma, and of course my friends and My country too.

I’m not good at ‘goodbye’ thing.. even i hate them. I hate to say goodbye. I hate the feeling for cannot-see-each-other-in-person for very long time.

so i just hug them at that time and cried.I had nothing to say and cried a lot. I saw my mother cried. and i made a promise that i am going to make her smile. after made myself calmed, i went to the gate.. the gate that brought me into a new world. Start form that time, i became a new person.. an independent person, a tough lady, and student.

Wednesday 23 August 2012 – New Place, New Friends, and New Life.

in this day I made my first step at Incheon International Airport, South Korea.

Here is the country that i am going to live for 2 years as a student at Ajou University , Suwon-South Korea. Finally, one of my big dreams comes true. Thank you Jesus for make it happen. (i am gonna tell you later about this part)
I met a lot of wonderful people here, many people from many countries. One of my new friends is Thuong.. she’s my first friend here. she is a very beautiful Vietnamese. she’s a good friend.

yes the beautiful lady is thuong

meet Thuong.. the beautiful vietnamese girl. (this picture was taken from Thuong’s FB 😀 )

and got a new place to live.. at Hwahong hall Ajou University dormitory.

and i also got my first korean meal.. its called bibimbap. it served with kimchi and a bowl of soup. i love kimchi.. even though i am a meatarian (somebody who cannot eat vegetable.. this is only exist in theresia’s dictionary) i still can eat kimchi.

Thursday, 24 August 2012 – exploring Ajou University

I did a grocery thing with Thuong this day.. took a walk around Ajou, bought a lot of food with her.

here are some picture of ajou street.

I also got my solo tour, even though i cannot speak korean i still tried to buy snack. i don’t remember it’s name.. dak something.. i dont know.

i do not take a good picture but this food is amazingly delicious.

so how can you buy it? ( may be this question popped from your head.. even your answer is not.. I’m still gonna aswer that question.. huaahahah..) i just point my finger and ask (in alien language.. or dance may be 😀 ) the ahjumma to write the price. muehehe

okay its 12 AM already.. i have a class today.. i’ll continue my ‘first week’ later..

bye all..

Kerendahan Hati

lagi baca berita gak sengaja ada berita kalo pak Taufiq Ismail dikabarkan melakukan penjiplakan karya orang… Puisi berjudul Kerendahan hati ini sebenarnya merupakan terjemahan dari puisi Be the Best of Whatever You Are karya Douglas Malloch.. dan akhirnya ternyata pak Taufiq Ismail terbukti gak salah.. karena penasaran ak cari tau aja puisinya..

Kalau engkau tak mampu menjadi beringin
yang tegak di puncak bukit
Jadilah belukar, tetapi belukar yang baik,
yang tumbuh di tepi danau

Kalau kamu tak sanggup menjadi belukar,
Jadilah saja rumput, tetapi rumput yang
memperkuat tanggul pinggiran jalan

Kalau engkau tak mampu menjadi jalan raya
Jadilah saja jalan kecil,
Tetapi jalan setapak yang
Membawa orang ke mata air

Tidaklah semua menjadi kapten
tentu harus ada awak kapalnya….
Bukan besar kecilnya tugas yang menjadikan tinggi
rendahnya nilai dirimu
Jadilah saja dirimu….
Sebaik-baiknya dari dirimu sendiri..

habis baca puisi ini sempet mewek… apalagi aku bacanya sambil muter A Clare Benediction…

puisinya keren.. karena saya bukan ahli perpuisian jadi gak ngebahas detil.. intinya saya disadarkan kalo tiap manusia itu sudah punya perannya masing – masing tergantung bagaimana cara kita mensyukuri anugrah itu dan memanfaatkannya…

-Theresia Ratih-

Surabaya, 18 April 2011